With the onslaught of computer video games, instant messaging and everything else that modern age offers the younger generation, its hard for families to feel connected at times.

 One sure-fire way, however, to rekindle that bond is to re-introduce the joy and pleasure of board games, puzzles, models and other hobbies that people of all ages enjoy. And that’s where Lakefield Hobby and Game comes in.

 Our store specializes in pastime hobbies and games, offering items that have stood the test of time, entertaining and amusing family and friends for generations.


 We stock radio controlled planes, trucks and boats; rockets; model train sets; classic games and puzzles; educational kits; inventor kits; Meccano; plasticine and clay; paint by number; plastic and wood models and so much more.


 For the paintball aficionado, there are markers, balls, goggles, accessories and a CO2 refill.


 “Lakefield Hobby and Game is the destination for people who know the importance of spending time together”. Grandparents are sure to find the perfect gift for their grandchildren; parents will be able to offer exciting alternatives to MSN and cyber games for their kids; cottagers will be able to find a large variety of games, models and other hobby activities to carry them through the evenings; and hobbyists in the area who need supplies – for carving, flying, boating and racing.



 “Drop in and start a new hobby, rejuvenate an old one, or pick up a favourite game from the past"



821 Chemong Rd, Brookdale Plaza


K9H 5Z5